About Us

Young Environmental is a Family owned business licensed in VA & Washington, DC.

We are qualified to remove & dispose of all types of asbestos containing material.

Lic # VA: 2705-114367A

With years of experience in the environmental remediation and asbestos removal industry, Young Environmental has the expertise, techniques and equipment necessary to reclaim your home from the dangers of mold or asbestos. Our workers are all fully asbestos licensed as required by law, and we maintain on-site management at each project site to further ensure that work is done thoroughly and completely in compliance with national and local regulations.

If you suspect or have discovered mold growth or the presence of asbestos in your home, don’t leave your family in jeopardy for another minute! You can reach Young Environmental 24 hours a day at (571) 239-2779 for the help you need, when you need it.

Young Environmental’s veteran crew is well-equipped to handle any project, from the biggest commercial properties to residential crawlspaces. We focus our efforts on completing projects safely and thoroughly, all the way from opening insurance claims to post-project air evaluation. The dangers of asbestos and mold are very real, so deal with them immediately - call Young Environmental at (571) 239-2779 to schedule your free on-site consultation.